Mission of Wellness

Core Health is a process that enhances your own Life Energy so that you live JOYFULLY from your Pure Core which is inborn in all of us.

Yes, you were born with an innate pure life energy that can be enhanced. Find out what is RIGHT with you. Enhance and expand your vastness! Release anything that no longer serves your highest good.

It is my JOY to assist you in answering the question: “Yes, but how?”

Linda Chrystal, CHF, JSJ, LMTHello, I am Linda Chrystal.
My exploration of energy medicine began in 1980. Once I discovered that we each have the profound healing capacity to ignite our body’s own innate wisdom, there was no turning back. My life’s passion is sharing the joy of abundant living with YOU.

As we remove the obstructions hindering our wellbeing, we discover that health is our natural state. You can discover your own Core Health with this simple process of shifting energy flow by clearing old blockages that no longer serve your highest good.

After 30 years of studies in Energy Medicine, I share this amazing journey with you as a Core Health, Heart Forgiveness, and Funny with Money Facilitator. You can walk in wellness and abundant joy everyday!

Most of us have experienced hurts, angers, fears, resentments, pain, and traumas that are still subconsciously being carried by our body’s energy system. This excess baggage has been proven to affect your immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system. You do not have to re-live these experiences in order to clear them!

Raise your own energy vibration to live a brighter happier more abundant life and create a new pattern for joy. Experience the true LOVE that IS the JOY found in your own HEART.

My private practice includes ongoing facilitation of Core Health applications Linda Chrystal, CHF, JSJ, LMTand licensing as a Therapeutic Massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, LMT MA37296, as well as a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Instructor who provides Continuing Education Units (CEU) for Nurses and Florida Massage Therapists.

Spiritually centered decades of evolving holistic studies prove to me that our body heals from within as we uncover the truth of our perfection. It is a joy to assist you in re-discovering this process.

Positive effects are immediately measurable!

Linda Chrystal, CHF, JSJ, LMT.

Tampa, Fl. 33625

Phone: 813-264-0303

EMAIL: SpiritRover@hotmail.com

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